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About Afuavi Digital

We are mandated to deliver exceptional print service with outmost quality on time. 98% of our jobs are delivered right on time. If we make a mistake, we will fix it.

Afuavi Digital is a print and advertising agency that provides custom solutions for business printing needs ranging from large format printing, graphic designing and any other advertising specialities.

Our services focus on the needs of the customer, the delivery time frame and the overall scope of work.


You are the purpose for our work. Once you tell us what you want, we hope you will be able to "forget about it" until we deliver your job on time, exactly as you asked for. Our only agenda is to make you satisfied. At Afuavi, you can..

Send your artwork via email and get it printed

Make payment via mobile money

Request for a quote via phone and email

And get your job delivered at your doorstep

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